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thistlestickle [userpic]
Slightly odd question...

Hi Aber folks,

I have an odd question to ask of you. I'm the chair of the Bangor University Women's Society and as such I'll be attending the NUSW Women's Conference down in Lampeter next week...

Because transportation is complicated, I'll be needing to stay in Aber on Monday and possibly Wednesday night. I'm on an incredibly tiny budget- the society is new and the SU doesn't really have the funds to send me so I'm self-funding.

Any recommendations for where to stay? Or alternatively anyone want to offer a couch for two nights?

The X32 runs at very strange times so I'm taking it down to Aber on Monday and then hoping to catch the last one out to Dolgellau/Caernarvon and connect for Bangor on Tuesday evening. I'm getting a lift to Lampeter with the Aber delegation but not sure if they'll be heading straight back or not.




No couch space, sorry, but try Maes y Mor hostel? It's more like a hotel really, the rooms are private and nice and cheap as a dorm bed in London. ;)

Thank you! I just don't know Aber at all, so any recommendations are seriously appreciated.

I also recommend Maes y Mor.

I am thirding!