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Catherine B [userpic]

Ahhh Aber! I used to be a member back in the day - skinnyfaerie for any of you who may remember me!

I graduated in 2007 and have lived in Manchester since - bloody miss the Aber days though.

Anyway, I'm back on here and writing a blog for Independent Minds on eating disorders and recovery - I need as many readers as I can in order to stand a chance of getting my blog published, so if you're at all interested, please add me and follow. I really want to raise awareness of the realities of this yukky illness, so read, comment, spread the word...


caroline [userpic]

Hi there everyone,

I'm Caroline, 21 years old. I am finishing up my BA in the US, and have recently been accepted to University of Aberystwyth as a film graduate student for this fall. I'm sure I'll have a lot of questions as I try to decide where to spend the next year of my life (Having only visited the UK once), but here's one to start:

Does anyone here know anything about the Film and Television Dept at the University? If so....how do you like it?

Oh also, here's another:

Do you ever feel isolated in Aberystwyth? I've heard it's an isolated community, which is okay by me as long as it doesn't FEEL that way. Know what I mean?

Anyway, thanks so much in advance! I'm kind of nervous about moving 3,000 miles or so to a place I've never seen so any comments will help. Thanks!


Emma [userpic]

Apart from the Arts Centre, does anyone have any info re tapdancing lessons in Aber?

Teh Ginger One [userpic]

Strange food ban in our county.... Love it or hate it, apparently it's really bad for kids. Well I'm sure it is if they eat a whole jar at a time. But I honestly doubt if any kid has ever done that, or would ever be likely to. The local council must actualy have nothing to do right now, seriously.

And another tin the Vale of Glamorgan. This is silly. Welsh bureacracy gone mad anyone?!

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Emma [userpic]

Emma [userpic]

Just on the off-chance, in case any of you are interested, I'm selling the following books on eBay; I'm happy to arrange a local pick-up :)

Condensed Chaos by Phil Hine
Prime Chaos by Phil Hine
Liber Null & Psychonaut by Peter Carroll
Uncle Setnakt's Essential Guide to the Left Hand Path by Don Webb
all available on eBay right here!

Eve . B [userpic]

hey all, just joined the group and thought I'd come along and say hi *waves*

whilst I'm here, I also wanted to ask if anyone knows of any flats/houses to rent beginning October.
Me and my fiancé are looking to relocate to Aber, but at the minute we are stuck in Liverpool, so house-hunting is a problem.
We also have cats that I would much prefer to take with me as they are my babies, but thats proving a problem.
So any local knowledge on pet friendly places to stay?

possibly Clare [userpic]

Anyone on this community a member of the Fantasy/Sci Fi soc and would like to give me some kind of run-down on it? I didn't really join anything in my first year and I've just been looking at their site thing via aberguild.co.uk and interested a bit :/

Thanks :)

Teh Ginger One [userpic]

Anyone going to The Square Festival this weekend in Borth?

Pendulum are playing!!

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Emma [userpic]

Does anyone know if the forest will be visible at low tide at the moment?

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